Lowrider Bike

Love cycling? On Sundays we would often see a lot of people cycling on the street, it’s because Sunday is the car-free day (Car Free Day), Yup! Car free day must surelysuggests, on that day a lot of people cycling, to fill the holiday atmosphere to work out.


But there are some among them using a slightly unique bike, namely the existence ofa group of bicycle users are unique, with a sleek design, ‘ lowriders ‘.. Yes lowriders,lowrider users often encountered by the community.

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Hot Food in Jogjakarta

1.Mie Des (Noodle pedes)
mie des
Bantul has specialties that must be visited. His name is Noodles Pedes Pundong or miBangkok. Miedes Pundong is different from Java noodles, chicken noodle, the noodlenoodle or any other in the area of Yogyakarta.


Miedes made from flour, cassava/tapioca, which is processed in such a way so that the end result after it is cooked will be shaped block of large and small cut about 5-10 cm.Clearly different from noodles in general are small, round, penampangnya and lengthor with a squashedShahe sprawl. After noodles are cooked, it will feel very springy, exceeding kenyalnya Shahe.


The way that they are presented like making fried noodle or noodle and, with cabbage,celery, cucumber and fried onions as garnish. The typical, as the name implies, the default rendering is the spicy noodles. But we can ask the seller for a particular level ofspiciness with cooking. During the wait the order matured, we will be accompanied by a glass of hot tea sugar cubes that it feels endless!.

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