Hot Food in Jogjakarta

1.Mie Des (Noodle pedes)
mie des
Bantul has specialties that must be visited. His name is Noodles Pedes Pundong or miBangkok. Miedes Pundong is different from Java noodles, chicken noodle, the noodlenoodle or any other in the area of Yogyakarta.


Miedes made from flour, cassava/tapioca, which is processed in such a way so that the end result after it is cooked will be shaped block of large and small cut about 5-10 cm.Clearly different from noodles in general are small, round, penampangnya and lengthor with a squashedShahe sprawl. After noodles are cooked, it will feel very springy, exceeding kenyalnya Shahe.


The way that they are presented like making fried noodle or noodle and, with cabbage,celery, cucumber and fried onions as garnish. The typical, as the name implies, the default rendering is the spicy noodles. But we can ask the seller for a particular level ofspiciness with cooking. During the wait the order matured, we will be accompanied by a glass of hot tea sugar cubes that it feels endless!.


By the way, when will be cooked noodles, cassava is weighed first. Only then is cooked.Special fried noodles, cooked mienya anything new is presented first weighed.


Mie mie lethek is different from the pedes are also produced in the Pundong. Mielethek is somewhat blackish and its long-length. While the noodles are shaped pedesbeams and the colour is slightly transparent.


This is getting pedes noodle is rarely found in Bantul. Following our review for each site:


MieDes Patalan


From the city of Yogyakarta, Parangtritis Road continues to follow up to about 14kilometers. About one quarter after quarter of Manding, note the right way. There will be a clinic in right path. Patalan Miedes stalls will be located just before the clinic.


Taste the cuisine here is somewhat fluid. But the most tasty stick noodles godhognya.Alas, the price is somewhat unstable and portions of at least 3rd place among miedeswho reviewed it.


MieDes near SD SCTV


Across the street from the clinic Patalan, there is a gang of about 100 meters, in thealley there is a SD rebuilt by SCTV (SD can be seen from the edge of the road as in front of it is rice paddies). Enter into the Alley as far as 500 yards, straight past thegraves, search homes overlooking the rice paddies.


In quantity and quality was the best among three miedes stalls. The portion is big morethan miedes and bumbunya are more pervasive, both noodles and noodles orgorengnya.


MieDes Bomber


It is in the Pundong sub-district of the city. The course is fairly easy, from the clinic,straight Patalan to South and search guide that shows the direction of the town inPundong. If the direction of Jogja, we will turn left. After that, follow the road tocontinue to find markets in the North of the road before the intersection of market, nah Pundong miedes Bomber located on any of the markets. Somewhat easy to findthis miedes because there are billboards in front of the House bearing MIEDES pakBOMBER.
2.Ricarica Kuncen
The location is in the North of klitikan kuncen market, right in front of the headquarters of the PDI Perjuangan Kuncen. It tasted savory savourypedes, we might want toreques pedes kayaking what level. Certainly if extra hot pesen lomboknya probably about 30-40 seeds, gimana aja bayangin pedesnya kayak. The menu is ricaricachicken, Muscovy duck and goat’s head. Rekomended really, and relatively inexpensiveprice between 10-15rb per serving.
3.Gudek Pedes in Mbah Marto (Sego Gudeg Geneng and Shark Catfish)
Mbah Marto, is this gudek business owners. He was already the head of 8, but it’s stilla passion for selling. It is kind of hard to find location Gudek Mbah Marto is what else is not original handicraft. The kitchen was ‘ Marto Mbah headquarters ‘ of a number ofshark catfish and several other culinary. There is warm papaya leaves, chicken, eggs, tofu, tempeh, garang asem, and sambal krecek. System service is self-service, please take what is in the kitchen.
Its location around the back of the campus of the contents (Institut Seni Indonesia), of the intersection (traffic light) ringroad us southwards to km 6.5 right of way there is acampus of the contents (Institut Seni Indonesia) still straight until the left hand foundthe post office right there on the other side, Sewon small street you enter only (turn right) continue to only see you bend to the right just after the bend (about 10 meters)there is a small alley to the left of the driveway only. Straight from that little gang there are mosques continued to turn to the left, straight a little roughly 10-15 metres awaythere is a turn to the left in.
4.Mie Pecun & Dimsum
Its location is in the Wirobrajan. If from the crossroad, positions are no nih Wirobrajanin 200 m east of the crossroad, in the North of the road. Opening times from 4 pm.
The menu is uniqueunique. Specialty here is noodles with various levels of spiciness.Starting from level pecun geeky for you totally hooked not spicy, trus buat semriwinglevel you are hooked, spicy but not reallyreally, there was also the controversy madespicy level that fits you. Well, for you who likes challenges, be cobain level climax, the spicy level maximum deh.
The food is reasonably priced costs around 10-rupiah 15rb wrote, while his drink about 2-10rb rupiah.
5.SOGUL (Sop and Coconut Curry Chicken)
Meals and Chicken Coconut Curry Soup (Sogul) which is on the road 24/A SimanjuntakC, Terban. No less challenging selara spicy you guys. Visitors can freely adding chilli as you wish, want adds 10 or 100 was not a problem, as long as the tongue and stomachstill strong only. In addition to the nutty taste that‘s challenging, in terms of the ideals of taste will make our tongues swayed more palatable.

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