Lowrider Bike

Love cycling? On Sundays we would often see a lot of people cycling on the street, it’s because Sunday is the car-free day (Car Free Day), Yup! Car free day must surelysuggests, on that day a lot of people cycling, to fill the holiday atmosphere to work out.


But there are some among them using a slightly unique bike, namely the existence ofa group of bicycle users are unique, with a sleek design, ‘ lowriders ‘.. Yes lowriders,lowrider users often encountered by the community.


One of them, namely KLOVER, bicycle lovers community modifications (custom bike)in Yogyakarta, which normally gather at Fort Vredeburg, Yogyakarta. KLOVER, formedApril 26, 2008 as a form of respect among some groups of small custom bike fans who haven’t officially. Early formation, KLOVER never has the organizational structure asgenerally a community for each member (called the Squad) has the same greatparticipation and equally in these communities, so each Squad capable of outliningwhat it along with all its activities. KLOVER
KLOVER Squad scattered from different corners of Yogyakarta, Bantul, among others,Moreover, Much Pingit, Nicole, etc. Routine activity KLOVER always gathered at thebase camp of Vredeburg Fortress (Northern BNI 46) every Saturday night 9 pm and at the Monument, Jln. Mangkubumi. As for events that do not have a fixed schedule(called Kruize) always negotiated first among the Squad. Events like this are often heldwith special themes such as Kamardhikan Kruize, Retro Kruize, Gowess Ngidul etc.Kruize was the last called is the most rock a kruize dedicated to welcoming the newSquad join to cycled to Parangtritis beach.


In any load KLOVER many different talents and interests. The unique thing is nowassembled they rarely discuss the development of the bike in depth but they keepbubbling up their interest in such a fingerboard, parkour, rubik, capoeira, extremesports etc. According to one of the jubirnya, Yogi, a community is a collection ofdiverse talents and interests KLOVER was a community with the uniqueness of it, cool!


Now two years already KLOVER pedaling, many of which come and go, many changesoccurred. Among other changes the orientation of the community, who had justformed by countless riders custom bike 20-inch size with a height of handlebar is often called lowriders by many people. Now KLOVER became more universal by bringing a more condensed brotherhood mission when the orientation is changed toany sepedamu origin custom bike, you are friend of us, pal!...”


In the near future will create a unique piece KLOVER which in it contains various types of bikes that simply wearing a single speed. This unique piece is more familiarly knownas the S.S.S (Single Speed Syndicate). In this section of KLOVER wants to have a broader friendship ties where single-speed bicycle is generally more easily assembledthan have a multi speed. Want to join KLOVER? It’s easy … live your custom bike ride to get to Fort Vredeburg is … Finished deh …


In the future, plans are to have a share of KLOVER as one of the community but we are expanding the Treasury custom bike so that one day soon this type of bikemodifications become commonplace things found in bicycle shops or on the streets of Yogyakarta and other cities across Indonesia.

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